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█In melding the traditional genres of essay and fiction, is king.

Scenes that feel built on memory dip playfully into surreal fictions.

While reading this book, I had developed some mental images of the events depicted in the book.

The clashes between the noble conduct of the Pandavas and vile behaviour of the Kauravas led by wicked Duryodhan resulted in this Great War. This book taught me that howsoever powerful is the evil forces; they are always vanquished by the good.

The talent agent at Jim South’s World Model Agency; The literary agent at CAA; The associate editor at Penguin Group.

Two hilarious Cease & Desist letters followed: One from CAA politely highlighted internship options and closed with offering Phillips the chance to pitch a book or movie idea, since the scheme, with its, “certain charm,” reminded the company of Clifford Irving’s fictional autobiography of Howard Hughes.The story is suffused with rich, cinematic descriptions and suspenseful scene work; surreal elements pock the plot, a murky cast of characters give the entire piece an absurdism without any slimy punchline: the narrator goes home and lies to his wife about planning to return.Phillips’ (the narrator) struggle with truth-telling in “Ophelia” is the first of many more: “Honesty persistently eludes me like a scared child being followed by a white van with curtains on the windows.Sometimes he was born in 1973, other times in 1974.In 2017, Phillips created a series of business cards under a project titled, “Get A Real Job.” There was Brad Phillips the concierge of LA’s Chateau Marmont Hotel; Brad Phillips the board-certified psychiatrist; The private investigator.There is a horror in writing.” The story then veers off into what could be a stray storyline from David Lynch’s .An elegant woman in a red dress reads a vintage fetish magazine in a waiting room. Leslie Morris, an attractive psychiatrist, has a gun in his office.An establishment, curtained off, is called, “Ophelia.” , the next story, is conversational, reading more like traditional nonfiction.Phillips, quick to cut the expectations, warns: “Here is a story.Confessional fiction—itself broad in definition—is too confining for this collection.In this way, the book resembles the artist’s ever-shifting identity. He mentioned in previous interviews the influence of literature on his visual work, that he’s often felt like a failed writer trapped in a painter’s body of work.


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