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Aside from the confines of teacher evaluations, it’s difficult to make time for a full-blown reflective practice.Take a look at the habits of any professional athletes, and they likely spend time engaging in Donald Schon’s reflection-on-action.Reviewing game tape, once they’re outside of the context of the game, is how athletes are able to make evidence-based adjustments to their games.All it took was asking a colleague how he broke up his essay pile (six essays at a time), and I landed upon my own method: The Rule of Four.Next time you’re chatting with a colleague, make a point of asking one reflective question.2."Gut-level" Teacher Reflection Jennifer Gonzalez of The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast came up with a framework for 5 questions to help teachers listen to their guts about their practice: The key is to hone in on the parts of your practice that aren’t quite sitting right with you.Gonzalez has created a free worksheet for these questions, but you can just as easily think through these questions on your commute.4.But reflective practice doesn’t have to be an onerous, all-encompassing task.It’s actually more meaningful when it occurs in frequent, quick bursts.1.Formative Feedback from Students Why do we only ask for feedback from our students at the end of a course?We often ask students to reflect on their understanding of content, but how often do we ask for feedback on our teaching methods when we have the opportunity to make adjustments the course?


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