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India has a rich cultural heritage which makes it such a beautiful place.

As I stay in the United Arab Emirates, I miss a lot of family and friends back in India. But what I miss most, is the warmth and happiness of the place I call home.

India is the only country that has a subcontinent and an ocean named after it.

India is an incredible place with over 100 spoken dialects and languages, various cultural forms and religious practices. There is the great Himalayan range up North, the Deccan plateaus, lush green plains and much more. It is the only country in Asia that has remained democratic ever since it attained its independence from British rule.But it is through the democratic route of elections that the ruling caucus was dethroned and an alternative government installed.India after Independence: After a long and difficult freedom struggle, India attained her independence from British rule in 1947.But this independence came with the partition of the country.But that did not last long and the Congress party returned to power by winning back the confidence of the people.Many in the world were apprehensive of the success of democracy in India.Meanwhile, the state of Sikkim, which was a separate kingdom ruled by the Chogyal monarchy, joined the Indian Union in 1975.Independence arrived in India not only with ‘multiplicity of heritages and legacies’, but also with the pangs of partition that caused dislocation of populations on both sides.Candidates should send their essay to [email protected] The only exception to this is the brief period of the Emergency in 1975-76, when the democratic process was halted.


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