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" The symbolism of the dance between Harrison and the ballerina meant freedom.

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Weighing a certain number of pounds enables the government to force you to wear uncomfortable lead balls around your neck.

Which actually reveals how strong these characters really are.

He wanted to be "Emperor", not to rule the people, but to set them free.

If he wanted to rule, why did he strip away the handicaps of the musicians and offer to make them "barons and dukes and earls?

She does not understand why her husband has to wear his handicap bag since he does not compete wit ...

Essay, Research Paper Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.If they were not heavy enough they had to wear handicap bags full of birdshot, and this is the case of the ballerinas.They were required by law to wear them at all times.The results of all this is a loss of identity, and overall a loss of humanity.The society in Harrison Bergeron can also be related to some political regimes in the world, like the communist or fascist systems.“The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They were equal in every which way.” The preceding sentence begins Kurt Vonnegut s very scary view of a future society where everybody was equal.Nobody could be more intelligent than anybody else.There will never be a society where everyone is equal. Diana Moon Glampers enforces her authority and murders Harrison and the ballerina?She is afraid that she will lose her power over the people.Unfortunately, we know how these dictators, from the right or left, work.They make sure people don t have thoughts or their own opinions so they are easier to manipulate.


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