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Victor Frankenstein has always been fascinated by nature.By the time he was in his late teens he was at a school of science.

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In Frankenstein and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” Coleridge and Shelley shed light on the way of how nature reflects the spirits of the characters and the mood of their journeys.

At the beginning of the mariner’s story, the voyage starts out happily and, “The Sun came up upon the left/And he shone bright.

Also, the sailors see, “water, water, water everywhere” from the wide expanse of sea, yet there is, “not a drop to drink.. ” As their surroundings become more and more unbearable, the attitudes of the sailors change from upbeat in the beginning to anguish and desperate later in the poem.

In Frankenstein, the power of nature on Victor and his creation is easily seen through their reactions to their surroundings.

Frankenstein notices, “the icy and glittering peaks/in the sunlight/my heart, which was before sorrowful, now swelled with/joy” (80).

Nature’s effect on Frankenstein is obvious; his somber and tormented self is transformed into a heart filled with bliss and joy.Lastly, even the creation, who is forced to learn how to survive on his own, is still able to appreciate nature’s beauty.His, “chief delights were the sight of flowers, the birds, and all the gay apparel of summer” (112).After Frankenstein is devastated by the deaths of his family, he looks to nature; as he gratefully states, “These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation I could receive.” Nature once again displays its capacity to comfort and heal.This school sparked his obsession with recreating human life.This was not an easy task because of the minuteness of the organs, etc, which forced him to design an oversized human, about eight feet tall. When he returned to his chamber he was happy to not find the monster.” The sailors are in joyous spirits while the ship sails out.Yet as they journey on, stormy weather comes and the sailors are soon surrounded by ice.Nature takes its toll on the mariner in punishment for his actions.Nevertheless, while nature is a force of vengeance in the “Ancient Mariner,” it is a source of healing in Frankenstein.


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