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These experiments, conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, can be viewed on the Internet.At a children’s birthday party, tell an exciting story about pirates, dragons and a sunken treasure.Then, the experiment is varied to include an incentive system.

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We are surely not individuals who think and feel auto­nomously, but rather members of society with all our being (Habermann 2008).

Where, however, should empathy come from, if not from us as people?

individual qualities, of what is rare and ephemeral, of the moment, of intimacy and so on.

Where money rules, everything seems drab and indifferent.

Then, a penalty of ten shekels (roughly three US dollars) was introduced for parents who were at least ten minutes late.

The result: On average, more than twice as many parents were late.For more than two decades, feminists have been discussing a poststructuralist approach that attempts to conceive in theoretical terms both of people’s deep integration with their social context and their constant construction of themselves, thereby changing that very context.For this reason, our bodies and our emotions and empathy can only be imagined together with everything that leaves its mark on us; we are nonetheless more than a blank page that is an entirely passive object, inscribed by the societal discourse.Instead of showing that people always pursue their own self-interest, the games bear witness to people’s tendency to be fair – but only until the first egoist steps in (Precht 2010: 394f).3 And it is no surprise that when compared with other students, business and economics students are the first to abandon cooperation and adopt uncooperative strategies: after all, they learn about Homo economicus day in and day out.(2005) as “a person guided exclusively by economic considerations of expedience.” A second definition describes the term as signifying “current-day man per se” – which implies, as mentioned above, egoism, com­petitiveness and a habit of reducing life to utility., economist Gebhard Kirchgässner defends him as “not all that dislikable,” because he acts just as “disinterested and reasonable” as the priest and the Levite in the parable of the good Samaritan who saw the man who had fallen among robbers and walked past.And that did not change even when the penalty was abolished.What had previously been a social quality – not making the kindergarten teachers wait – had now been degraded to a quantity that spoke even less to the parents’ sense of responsibility.Precht comes to a different conclusion: “Strict and tough calculation of utility, ruthlessness and greed are not man’s main driving forces, but the result of targeted breeding.One could call this process ‘the origin of egoism by capitalist selection,’ following Charles Darwin’s famous principal work” (Precht 2010: 394).For example, economist Uri Gneezy noticed that when his three-year-old daughter’s kindergarten introduced a penalty for parents who were late picking up their children, it did not have the desired effect.So he and his colleague Aldo Rustichini looked into how many parents were late in ten other kindergartens in Haifa, Israel.


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