Essay On An Organism That Is Not Extinct

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What will their extinctions and endangerment mean for the forests where they live?Back to Animals Species of animals or organisms are considered extinct when there are no more of them alive.

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Now, more than 300 years after one species became extinct, another was to follow as a direct consequence. Luckily, some creative people discovered that domestic turkey gullets sufficiently mimic the action of the dodo bird’s digestive system.

They have used turkeys to begin a new generation of the tree, which is now called the dodo tree.

The rats, pigs and monkeys made short work of vulnerable dodo bird eggs in the ground nests.

The combination of human significantly reduced dodo bird populations.

Natural Forces Over the course of history many species have become extinct. Species may become extinct because of changes in climate (i.e.

the ice age), competition with other species, a reduced food supply, or combinations of all of these.

They would soon die, and the species would be extinct.

Was it just a coincidence that the tree had stopped reproducing 300 years ago and that the dodo bird had become extinct 300 years ago? It turns out that the dodo bird ate the fruit of this tree, and it was only by passing through the dodo’s digestive system that the seeds became active and could grow.

If these seedlings survive to produce their own seeds, the species will be saved.

Questions for Thought: Mauritius is a medium-sized island that is extremely far away from any mainland. Birds and bats are frequently responsible for the natural pollination and seed dispersal of trees.


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