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Thomas Recchio uses Lucasta Miller’s comparison of the passive Ruth (from Elizabeth Gaskell’s ’s Margaret Hale with Jane Eyre.

Ashly Bennett examines the narrative function of shame as a mediator between anger and sympathy, and “an alternative for shaping individuated, intimate social relations.” , (“the only angel in Satan’s rank to reject sin and remain faithful to God”) as a model to use in reading both the tension between Jane’s obedience and her resistance, and St.

Wherever she goes, wherever she lives, she never feels absolutely free.

She realizes she has no choice for another life in that patriarchic kind of society where women are always subjugated.

Discusses the novel in overview essays by time period, country, ethnicity, and genre, and provides valuable resource material.

The image of Jane Eyre is flawless; she is kind, humble, and honest with herself and in the eyes of God.The novel reflects the common view that women are duty-bound to be mainly homemakers.Jane Eyre is described as a submissive, enduring, dutiful, hard-working, and soft character lady, so she absolutely fits the ideal of a ‘good woman’ in accordance with the expectations of society.John’s narrative function., and Cala Zubair examines the verbal sparring between Jane and Rochester. Smith also looks at Jane’s conversation and responses to situations in her own development of humor as a coping mechanism.While all of these essays result from multiple readings, the final two are explicitly about rereading the novel across time and experience.1 Volume300 Pages Complete List of Author's Works Essays Offering Analysis by Top Literary Scholars Introductory Essay by the Editor Chronology of Author's Life Detailed Bio of the Editor Publication Dates of Works General Bibliography General Subject Index Edited by Katie R.Peel, Professor of Victorian Literature and Women's Studies at The University of North Carolina, this volume includes a variety of fresh approaches, including essays using feminist, reader-response, postcolonial, and performance theories.Nevertheless, she is sometimes bothered with a thought about the meaning of her sufferings.Sometimes she wonders why she must endure the hardships of her life silently, while allowing other people to oppress her.The key element of Bertha as the doppelgänger is that she is ‘evil twin’ of Jane.Though readers may dislike Bertha as first, they would change their view after estimating her real role in the novel.


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