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Narrative essay writing is the only genre of academic writing that allows the writer to expand his imagination and creativity to the fullest.WRITTEN BY: Kristen Cassandra TITLE: Friends, Our Best Buddies And Worst Bullies FRIENDS. Your friends are influential, too, aren't they?

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Just tell me if I can do something to help you, alright? When you want to apply a prank, your friend is your accomplice but when you are caught, nobody wants to admit your so-called "crime".

" Sometimes, you even call yourselves "Partners in Crime".

Its a photo in my kitchen and its right by the kitchen table. Beside the row of shrubs on the right side, there is a small path made of the kind of gravel you would put in a fish tank. The path turns left at the bottom of the picture and continues along the bottom.

On the path there are two rows of bagels on the ground. In all there are about twenty-four bagels that are visible in the picture.

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The inside of the square formed with shrubs is filled with dirt. They look like mini circle bushes with little pink flowers at the top. I don’t spend way to much time in my kitchen, but seeing this photo reminded me of a time that I had a lot of fun. My friends were doing a 1 minute manicure scrub in the sink. While my feet were soaking, one of my other friends was doing my fingernails. I was a little kid, and my mom was making my favorite dish for dinner. It was tuna casserole and it smelled like tuna, but not in a bad way. I could hear the dishes clanking together as she took them over to the kitchen table. As I was eating and savoring the taste in my mouth, I looked around.

The room smelled like nail polish, spa supplies, and lotion. The sound of running water, laughing, along with a mixture of crickets from outside filled the room. I realized that the reflection of the fork on the wall was a tiny bit of light. I hadn’t thought about those times at dinner when I was little for a long time.


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