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They can subconsciously convince and persuade themselves through longing, for example to see God or Jesus that they actually think they have.The issue with denying the existence of Religious experiences and therefore their effectiveness in proving there is a greater power, is that we have no more evidence to disprove their existence than we do to prove.

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Religious experiences can be defined in many forms.

A religious experience usually refers to experiences where you are in contact or receive information passed from God.

Some experiences can be personal, or others non-personal such as the word of God through passages in the Bible.

Near death, and conversion experiences are all forms of religious experiences because a long lasting change occurs within an individual or group.

It is near impossible to provide empirical evidence for their occurrence, and within the modern day, many people insist on receiving before accepting the truth.

Events such as the Toronto blessing provide some form of evidence due to the size of the corporate experience.

He postulates that the experiences are hallucinations and do not give any supporting evidence for a greater power.

Wishful thinking causes people to believe that they have experienced something that they may not have.

Finally, Transience describes an experience that is in time short but has life long lasting effects. James proposes that the experiences will feel real and give, what they believe, convincing evidence that God is personal and is a greater power.

The issue that many sceptics find with religious experiences is that they are impossible to prove and have no empirical evidence to support their existence.


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