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I agree that people who have not their own homes should be protected and supplied with the necessary things but I was not sure it should be done by the volunteers.Why doesn’t the government create a company with the employees and pay them for the completed work?First of all, you have the chance to learn from the others.

I started understanding it when I just began working in the organization.

I helped to cook the dinners for those who have nothing to cook with and was asking myself a question: “Why am I doing this? That time I understand that I do this work because I love those people and want to make their life easier.

I found out that community service helps us to understand lots of things we have never thought about before.

It forces us to ponder over the motives of our daily actions and the results of them. You are working for the welfare of the society and put your personal need on the second stage.

It sounds good but thinking so, I forget about important things.

I forget that the money is not the most significant part of our lives and first of all we should have the love and brotherly attitude to the others.

All of us are living on the Earth that is a habitat for humanity, and we were not placed here by chance.

If we are living together, we have the responsibility for each other.

I was not because if the obligation, it was because I wanted to do so.

Nobody will pay me, hardly anybody will say “thank you,” but I still wanted to help others.


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