Essay Arranged Love Marriages

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Marriage leads people to deal with feelings such as love, passion, tenderness, fidelity; they should be genuine and not to come artificially.

Another drawback is that people who are going to marry with their parents’ direction are actually not always ready to marry.

Though this choice is not simple, many people all across the globe choose love. Advantages There are two main tendencies to define the way people are to choose their spouse to marry to.

The traditionalists believe that there are great advantages of arranged marriage over a love marriage and families should decide all against of couple.

Actually, there are some disadvantages in love marriage.

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The thing is people who are in love with each other, in most cases, are going to marry spontaneously.In spite of this, people should be ready to face some disadvantages of arranged marriage as well as love marriage.The main disadvantage of arranged marriage is that parents and relatives sometimes can make mistakes; they are not always able to do the right choice.When speaking about advantages of arranged marriages, it is worth saying that traditionalists’ point of view is simple – as the young couple don’t know each other well and there are no romantic feelings between them during premarital period, so there are more chances to get to know each other better and forge good common bonds, not only between a man and a woman but also between their families.As these bonds appear, the specific forms of mature and stable love will arise between people.This essay is going to talk about if there are any advantages of arranged marriage over a love marriage.The difference between arranged marriages and love marriages lies in the fact that in case of the arranged marriages the family chooses who you marry, and who they think is suitable for you.The views on the matter are subdivided into traditional and modern. It consists of introduction, argumentative part, counter argumentative part, recommendations and conclusions.Each of the part consists of arguments and comments along with observations and reviews.So, in the future, they will face with the problems leading to divorces.Some people believe that divorces rate is low in arranged marriages, but presumably the reason is the husband and wife are not willing to be left without their parents’ and relatives’ support as the marriage is arranged by them.


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