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They helped make a flow cytometer which tracks and evaluates cells.

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All of these great leaps in space exploration have showcased the relentless pursuit of man in furthering his understanding of the universe that he lives in.

There have been some people who have criticized the government for making use of billions of tax payers’ dollars in space exploration.

The nature of space exploration urges some people to crave knowledge and yearn for an answer to the questions they may not be able to find the answers to on earth.

These three items take time and one thing organizations like NASA work towards is the future and how their time is invested right now with youth education.

Senior Ian Anderson wants to study aerospace after graduating this year.

Giving his own insight on how space exploration affects global challenges, he stated, “The budget that we have for space is tiny compared to what we have for the military.One of the assets described in “Benefits Stemming From Space Exploration,” is innovation.The article looks at inventions, medicines, and technological advancements that are results of space exploration.They feel that the money could have been used for other more urgent and needy issues.But what they may not realize is that space exploration has a lot of relevance to things on earth.It explains how nations come together when there’s a common thing to explore.Outer space appeals to humanity as one and because of that, it gives nations a reason to disregard their arguments.According to Laura Santhanam from, implantable heart monitors, electric shock devices that prevent brain damage and death by regulating blood flow, were made with NASA research from their space circuitry system.Santhanam also found that NASA contributed to cancer research and treatment with their studies on microgravity and how it affects the human bodie’s immune system.And for NASA’s budget, there are projects that come in late and over budget, drawing the ire of Congress and the public. But for the rest of this article, we will focus on some of the benefits of going where few humans have gone before.Perhaps the most direct benefit comes from technologies used on Earth that were first pioneered in space exploration.


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