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YESSENIA I grew up learning K'iche', which is my first language, in Guatemala.My family survived by farming and harvesting for ourselves.

I've been through traumatic events, but I've come out a warrior.

LAURYN Hurricanes can devastate a house that hasn't been built with a stable foundation.

I decided to come to the United States and embarked on my trip alone.

During the journey, seven strangers and I lived in terrible conditions — we slept in the mountains and walked for hours among the thickets.

And Warner Bros., the studio behind Power 100 breakfast Dec. "We're committed to creating more opportunities for young women, particularly those from underserved communities, at our company and in our industry," says Warners executive vp Dee Dee Myers.

And those opportunities all start with an application essay like the ones that follow, written by three girls who have reached up and out to change their future.As a small-town girl from Louisiana, I have witnessed countless hurricanes and countless tragedies that have plagued family members, neighbors and entire cities.But I have witnessed people rise up from their despair and rebuild. But with the help of others, and persistent faith and optimism, I will rebuild myself to be extraordinary, to be legendary.A.'s Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program, now entering its 10th year.Twenty-two high school juniors will be paired for a year with some of the top female leaders in film and television.This will be the only enrollment period for the Class of 2019.Applicants selected for the program will be notified by April 15, 2019.These girls will join a group of more than 125 who have participated in the program — and they'll also gain a financial leg up for college: Each will receive ,000 toward her college education thanks to Lifetime, which contributes ,000 a year, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which donates 0,000.'s program is also continuing its partnership with Loyola Marymount University, which for the fifth year will match money given by donors to cover the 0,000 cost of a four-year education, four times over.Three days before I was 15, my grandmother passed away.She was like my mother — we even slept in the same room.


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