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We don’t hate, we don’t judge, and we don’t place obstacles.

We become a source of unlimited support and encouragement.

We become aware of the true values of friendships, which are not conditioned by the attention we get on social media. We are willing to give as long as the friend values our efforts.

We need a best friend to share our happiness and misery, and support us through all experiences we go through.

True friends are there for us whenever we need them.

Essay About Friends Internet Homework

Today, in the era of being connected, we need best friends more than ever.Similarly to rats, people need support from their friends when they are going through stress.Interests and virtues connect them, but so do suffering and happiness.When it is pure, faithful, honest, constant, and true, it remains for life.The ability to be a true friend to someone is one of the greatest virtues a human can possess.We feel that connected with our friends because we attract people with similar interests and virtues.In a way, friendship is a relationship between two similar souls, especially when we form the bond in adulthood.That attitude is reflected upon all aspects of our lives.That’s why we need friends – not only because we’re never alone when we have them, but also because they are the stepping stone to our personal growth.Ultimately, each of us need a best friend because they make us better persons.They make our lives better, but they also challenge our character.


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