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Course description: To what aims have education reformers aspired over time?In this mid-level undergraduate course, we compare and contrast selected movements, both past and present, to reform elementary, secondary, and higher education in the United States from the nineteenth-century Common School era to contemporary debates over school choice, cultural differences, governance structures, and digital technology.Students will develop skills in reading and researching primary and secondary sources, interpreting divergent perspectives, and expository writing on the web.S., new concepts are being endorsed and implemented including the development of some Afrocentric Schools in North America.By developing a curriculum around a specific set of pre-endorsed cultural learning, students can engage with materials beyond the manner that the current one-size-fits-all educational system puts forth.Jump to: Week 1: Jan 28 — Week 2: Feb 4 — Week 3: Feb 11 — Week 4: Feb 18 — Week 5: Feb 25 — Week 6: March 4 — Week 7: March 11 — Week 8: March 25 — Week 9: April 1 — Week 10: April 8 — Week 11: April 15 — Week 12: April 22 — Week 13: April 29 Learning Objectives: In this mid-level required course for Ed Studies majors, students will: a) Interpret historical sources from different periods and perspectives to better understand how education has varied from their current-day experiences. Required books: Dana Goldstein, The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession (New York: Anchor, 2015).b) Compare and contrast different explanations about the causes and consequences of educational change and continuity over time. ISBN 978-0-345-80362-7 Paul Tough, Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America (Boston: Mariner Books, 2009).With the implementation of these Africentric schools, perhaps we have found a substantial portion of the eventual answer.The dominant position in teacher education has tended to be a one-size-fits-all strategy.A person is a personality because he belongs to a community, because he takes over the institutions of that community into his own conduct. He takes its language as a medium by which he gets his personality, and then through a process of taking the different roles that all the others furnish he comes to get the attitude of the members of the community (162).


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