Essay About Causes And Effects Of Soil Pollution

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It is increasing day by day at a faster rate in the rural and urban areas of the country.Acidification is a common natural cause associated with long term leaching and microbial respiration which gradually decomposes the organic materials of soil (like humic and fulvic acids) which again stimulates leaching.Use of inorganic fertilizers on the fertile lands has increased the level of soil pollution by decreasing the soil fertility at a faster rate.Soil pollutants are generally of two types called as organic and inorganic whether released naturally and man-made.The main reasons of soil pollution are human activities including accidental leaks, spills, manufacturing processes, dumping, etc.Soil pollution is the contamination of the fertile soil which reduces the productivity of soil because of various toxic pollutants.Toxic pollutants are very dangerous and adversely affect the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.Acid rain is a natural cause also affects soil fertility directly.Earlier, the soil were very much fertile without the use of any fertilizers but now-a-days all the farmers have started using very strong fertilizers in order to increase crop production because of high demand of food by the increasing population.It is the home for many small animals, it is the life of plants and used by the human beings to produce variety of crops to continue life cycle here.However, increasing human population increases the need of crops production and other technological resources to live life comfortably.


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