English Reflective Letter Essay

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However, I feel that I need to work on sentence combination and grammar.In the future, I will aim at using more writing styles, improving my grammar, and adding creativity to my writing tasks. Spears, To be a professional writer, one has to learn the writing process as a natural procedure.Indeed, summarizing the most relevant information on the slides and achieving the correct sentence combination were very challenging.

Ideally, I adopted efficient revision strategies that included class discussions, detailed research at the library, creating a revision timetable, and seeking professional advice from my tutors.

I had very difficult time doing it specially that at the beginning of the project I felt that I am not ready.

This is because I was not prepared to start undertaking the needed research, even at the time that I was due to begin.

This lack of preparedness can be taken from several perspectives and considerations including psychological, emotional, academic, and socially.

However, all this feeling changed with the skill that I gained throughout the all steps of the project.


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