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Outcome: Oral presentation Assessed on: * Criterion B: Organizing * Criterion C: Style and language * Criterion D: Using language Done by: Bana Taher Year: MYP Y3 “8C” Teacher: Mrs.Sara Refai Done by: Bana Taher Year: MYP Y3 “8C” Teacher: Mrs. Alexander Third Year Writing Natural Disasters: Why Haven’t We Learned From Them Yet?

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* Often uses language-specific conventions to show the reason for the order of idea.

* Consistently acknowledges sources according to a recognized convention.

In several places the tsunami gave some warning; the water levels of the ocean receded greatly. Having healthier seafood will make healthier people.

This amazed people, showing parts of the sea floor that have never been seen before; resulting in pictures and curious tourists and locals. These factories use unbelievable amounts of water to make their products. Clean oceans give people a good place for recreation.

Sara Refai Contents Content | Page number | Cover page | Page 1 | Content page | Page 2 | Task specific rubric: Criterion B | Page 3 | Task specific rubric: Criterion C | Page 4 | Task specific rubric: Criterion D | Page 5 | Presentation Note cards | Page 6-7 | Power Point Presentation-Slideshow | Page 8-14 | Teachers assess sheet | Page 15 | Task specific Rubric Criterion B: Organization Achievement Level | Level descriptors | Task specific clarification | 7-8 | * Consistently employs effective organizational structures that serve the context and intention.

* Effective organizes opinions and ideas in a coherent and logical manner.One example of these terrible natural disaster is; the tsunami that hit Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26, 2004. The tsunami was terrible and the earthquake that started it all was terrible in its great might, being one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded.The earthquake that caused the tsunami in Sumatra was at a magnitude of 9.3.These gigantic waves then crashed into the unsuspecting towns and people. The waves hit over eleven Indian countries and parts of Africa and Thailand. Once this energy hits shallow water it is slowed down, causing the top of the water to move faster than the bottom of the water; resulting in massive dangerous waves. Others focused on actual interviewing of people affected and storytelling like writing of the events that ... Ocean tsunami, triggered by a massive earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, is the deadliest natural disaster ever ... This tsunami caused waves up to fifty feet tall in some places, continuing inland for about a thousand feet. From which the Tsunamis that hit the many nations across the Indian Ocean were originated. tsunami waves tend to behave differently in deep water than in shallow water (Rossetto 2007). Natural Disasters have been explained in multiple ways; whether it is the fantastical religious ways or in the squinty science way, everyone has their own belief on why things such as natural disasters happen- things such as; earthquakes; floods; fires; tornadoes; volcanoes; tsunamis- the list goes on and on.All of these things bring destruction and chaos to innocent people and their homes; destroying lively communities.However, scores of people were swept from beaches near the northern ...The epicenter of the earthquake was located under the Indian Ocean near the west coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra; the great movement of the tectonic plates displaced massive amounts of water, sending it in all directions and causing the ensuing tsunami afterwards.


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