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Islands are not any more able to meet the citizens’ needs for drinking water.Water scarcity is a vital problem for many Pacific Island states.

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El Nino and La Nina are unusual weather patterns that form in the period of 10 months.

El Nino and La Nina both impact climates all around the world, each different in countries and regions.

Meteorologists discovered in the late 19th century that El Nino weather events appeared to be occurring approximately every ten to fifteen years but in the late 19th century this gradually changed to a strong pulse of about three years by the early 20th century, at the same time it had been noted that the temperature was rising above the average....

[tags: Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases] - El Nino This morning, before writing this essay, I spent a considerable amount of time watering my wilting garden. Why are we suffering such severe weather this summer.

During natural ENSO oscillations the sea level fluctuates of about 20 cm and causes large seasonal variations of precipitation patterns with long wet and dry periods between several years.

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In El Niño periods the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than average. In La Niña periods the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean is colder than average.

But model projections about rainfall pattern are inconsistent.

Some preview an increase in rainfall, others predict reduced amounts of rainfall (Pacific Climate Change Science Program 2011, Power 2012).

Even broader than the size of the planet are the amount of changes and relationships between humans, animals, environment, weather, and the effects of each.

Many times with busy schedules and modern lifestyles we forget the interaction that goes on between any number of concepts or ideas.


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