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Thankfully in 2009, some civil societies started to take action and they created a movement called “Prinde Radacini” or, in English, “Romania gets roots.” It was a campaign organized by Realitatea TV and sustained by the OMV Petrom oil and gas company (In this campaign they started to plant trees in deforested areas, all on a voluntary basis.

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From Europe came the idea of creating a model of earth education that would bring economic growth.

In this paper I will focus on an educational program that brings ecological education back into schools.

Hiding behind the curtain of the new democratic regime, many opportunists took advantage and started a systematic process of changing the environmental image of a country that was known before as having pristine waters, wonderful forests, and wild panorama.

Deforestation was one of those destructive processes that changed the composition of the soil, the water and the natural animal habitats (Educatia Ecologica, 2010-2013).

This program is very important for creating awareness about the respect and proper use of natural resources and environment.

self-interested individuals result in environmentally beneficial outcomes.

Imagine a system that rewards businesses seeking to achieve more than simple compliance with environmental regulation.

Such a system is possible if prices accurately reflect the magnitude of environmental costs and benefits.

As we can see, everything lives in collaboration, and the disappearance of one unit triggers the destruction of the next one.

Ecology has to go hand in hand with the education and preservation of nature.


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