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It was too late to dodge it, so I threw myself onto the hood. She braked and I rolled gingerly off her hood before she sped away. Had I been older and less mobile, pushing a baby stroller, or preoccupied with a cellphone myself (another growing problem), her negligence might have been fatal.

Like many pedestrians, I’ve learned to treat Los Angeles streets as an obstacle course of distracted drivers. 1: Make sure a vehicle is stopped or braking before stepping off the curb.

But even that didn’t save me at a corner near my West Hollywood home.

By choosing not to drink and drive, I protect the shared opportunity to learn and work toward achieving academic goals with my peers, signifying that I believe my own selfishness is never enough to threaten or take that opportunity away from anyone.

Author: Lauren Sumners Florida State University [email protected] more information on the Pumphrey Law Scholarship, please click here.

As his students, we have learned how to think critically in the classroom and are well aware of how our academic choices can alter our futures.

I imagine this is his small way of encouraging his students to think critically outside of the classroom as well and understand that those choices are just as important.

Because of this, I am always on alert when driving, especially at night.

Not only is the life of the drunk driver at risk when on the road, but so is mine and those around me.

As a student who has valued the opportunity to receive a good education throughout my life and understands what a sacrifice it is financially for my family to send their children off to college to receive higher education, I made a pledge to myself at a young age to never take that for granted.

Though I have failed at times, I have always tried to pursue my education with passion and dedication in an effort to respect what a gift it truly is.


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