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Darul Arqam Homework-12
Just look at the homework site which is never updated like all other good schools by the teachers and that says enough! Principal is a good leader indeed, regular mailers are sent to us with all the updates, issues are discussed, feedback is taken, any negative feedback or shortcomings are accepted gracefully.

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There is still no principal in the school and the turn over staff rate especially in the elementary department is astonishing, the textbooks are old and computer lab also. The nice posts of Darul Arqam are from people that either don't know what is really going on in the school, administrators that want to save their jobs or other people that have political interests.

Many of my friends took their children out and I also decided just recently to take my children out after seeing so many problems when comparing them to other "proper" schools that actually do and say as they promote.

Needless to say, we have decided to keep our child enrolled for 1st grade too and expect that going forward this school is surely going to be a more improved teaching institution Insha allah.

My daughter is enrolled in Darul Arqam and I have to say despite much skepticism and many bad things that I have heard about the school, I am very happy with my decision to enroll her.

I never seemed to have enough time to get my own work done.

We are now to the homework of trying to see if we could put Egypt on a safe path towards democratization.

They both started off as cordial but slowly turned into a screaming fest.

Parents left with false promises that have yet to be fulfilled such as revising and abiding by board bylaws and expanding the board.

I was told that the school was in bad condition, which I realized that in actually its not, and where it is, there are major construction projects in the works to make improvements.

I was told the teachers are unqualified, and discovered that many are certified and the few who are not, have many years of experience teaching the subject matter they were assigned.


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