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Individuals reading the play will have a different experience than the traditional audience because they will read the background information, which will inevitably affect their interpretation of the characters and the play's events.

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The Crucible: Hysteria and Injustice The Crucible: Hysteria and Injustice Thesis Statement: The purpose is to educate and display to the reader the hysteria andinjustice that can come from a group of people that thinks it's doing the"right" thing for society in relation to The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Introduction: The play is based on the real life witch hunts that occurred in the late1600's in Salem, Massachusetts.

However, Miller also includes an extensive psychological profile of Parris prior to beginning the action of the play.

Before Parris speaks, a narrator says that "in history he cut a villainous path, and there is very little good to be said for him." Later, the narrator interrupts the action in Scene 1 to include background information on Putnam, and the narrator does the same for Proctor in Scene 3, Rebecca in Scene 4, and Hale and Giles in Scene 5.

At first glance, it appears that they are to be included within the actual production.

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If so, then a narrator character must read the narrative sections to the audience.The reader will also benefit from the narrator's commentary.The narrator tells the reader that the real Putnam accused a large number of people during the trials, often as a method of retaliation or personal gain.Secondly, individual actors read the lines differently, using diverse voice inflections, gestures, and body language to give each interpretation its own style.Miller also provides yet another opportunity for variety, not just for the director and actors, but also for the audience and reader.These evil acts affect even the most honest people in the town like Johnand Elizabeth Proctor, and Rebecca Nurse who cannot fight the accusations madeagainst them by those following Abigail.Those following Abigail are consideredto be holy men that are full of honesty and justice, but the play shows thateven those who are thought to be respectable and right, like people ofgovernment or community leaders can bring death to innocent people if they aredriven by something wrong. Plot: The plot begins with the inciting incident where Rev.For example, obvious tension exists between Thomas Putnam and several other characters in the play, especially Francis Nurse.An actor playing Thomas Putnam must create a persona driven by greed.After revealing Putnam's historical background, the narrator begins to suggest that Putnam's character will falsely accuse someone within the play.Although the narrator does not finish the suggestion — he only says, "especially when" — the reader automatically expects Putnam to falsely accuse someone in the play.


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