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Consequential to the pervasive threatening environment few participants moved past Stage I of trauma recovery.Implementation of trauma-informed correctional care is recommended in Canadian federal prisons to facilitate CPT healing and enhance rehabilitation.A correctional staff-prisoner Hyper-mask-ulinity Stand-off compounded CPT.

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(3) Correctional staff-prisoner interactions, based on a correctional culture of hyper-mask-ulinity, included domination, violence, emotional detachment and correctional officer solidarity that required physical and psychological brutality of prisoners.

Prisoner survival depended on employment of resistance strategies, strategic relationship formation, and further emotional constriction.

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A series of three in-depth interviews was held with 17 former prisoners who self-identified as having experienced CPT.

Their experiences of CPT impacts prior to prison and their experiences of healing during incarceration and community re-entry were explored. (1) CPT impacts included chronic hyperarousal, automatic fight or flight responses, stress addiction and trauma-bonds.

Theses (or dissertations as they are sometimes called) are the product of extended independent research by students. 3rd year Capstone projects), and are nearly always a feature of postgraduate research from Master's through to Ph.

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