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Creative Writing Projects Middle School-8
There always seems to be a pocket of time you need to fill — and these quick writing prompts are perfect!

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Write down different styles of creative writing, like poetry, playwriting, memoir and fiction. Then, write down different genres, such as, romance, adventure, mystery, horror, or comedy.

Finally, write down a variety of evocative nouns, such as, dinosaur, cactus, drive-in, librarian, pool table, etc.

Every student writes the first line of a story, then passes the paper to the student on his/her left.

For five minutes, each student continues working on the story that he/she has received, then passes it to the left again when the time is up.

How do the different instruments become different characters or objects in your piece? If you're feeling particularly ambitious, find a series of unrelated images, and try writing the story that connects them. For more help with your writing, check out these resources for middle school writers that can guide you toward improving your own skills and learning more about the creative works you read.

How do breaks or pauses in the song impact the plot, or structure of your writing? Take a walk around your neighborhood, and make note of interesting things you sense around you. With the help of each chapter's articles, video lessons and quizzes, you may very soon be writing your own masterpiece! We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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It take students through the entire writing process.


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