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This course is filled with creative exercises that will get you to think from a fresh perspective and generate new ideas for your next writing piece!This is a must take course if you are done being stuck, and ready to get inspired to write! Has lots of creative activities to get my creativeness flowing in new ways.By investing time in this task daily, a creative writing project can develop and flourish.

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INSTRUCTOR BACKGROUND: Tatiana is an award-winning creative artist with a BFA in Creative Writing.

The biggest lesson that she has learned is that that in this day and age creativity is a required skill to have.

Creative writers seek to entertain their readers while sharing their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

By tapping into the imagination, it’s possible to inform and engage readers with riveting plots, dynamic characters, and appealing dialogue.

Spend time outside, exercise regularly, socialize with others, and maintain a workable writing routine.

Another week or month has passed, and you’ve made zero progress on your writing goals.I'm working on a fantasy novel at the moment and this is giving me new ideas for me to carry on writing.She has a clear and calm voice, doesn't rush and even shows her own results from the activities. They believe successful writers have “made it,” and have no problem staying motivated because they’ve “arrived.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.Regardless of how successful you are, there will be days you feel uninspired. Carrying a small notebook can help you capture and record ideas that come to you while you’re out and about. But do it the old-fashioned way—there are benefits to writing longhand. Give yourself permission to write whatever comes into your head, set a timer for a short period to encourage you to write fast, and then just let ’er rip. (Just be aware that getting noticed and earning feedback on these sites can require a significant time commitment.) Attend a creative event. If you’re stuck on something, jot down a list of as many ideas as you can think of. Inspiration can strike at the most inconvenient times. If your muse gets lonely, online social sites for writers, such as Wattpad or Amazon Kindle’s Write On, may help.Finishing a creative writing project can be a source of great pride for any writer.10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Taking time for mental health is important for anyone, especially someone with creative writing goals.With this creative writing workshop, we'll tackle different writing exercises to get your creativity flowing for character ideas, story plots or even your next poem!We will strictly focus on having you write to discover new ideas and increase your creative thinking flexibility as a writer.


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