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Generally, commoners only owned one pair of sturdy, comfortable, and practical pair of shoes.If they were lucky, these extra shoes would only be replaced when the previous pair was outgrown or riddled with holes.

Typically the designer works as part of a team responsible for concept creation, design research, comprehensive design rendering and assessing new technologies in materials and textile processing.

Glover's addition certainly adds cultural currency to Adidas' war chest, but it's the partnership the company has forged with Beyoncé that will likely rival, and perhaps dwarf, the magnetism Kanye West was able to generate, and has wildly sustained, since he signed with the brand in 2015. Just last year, Nike released a striking series of black-and-white ads as part of its push into social justice.

In that time, he's released both apparel and footwear that, aesthetically, merges sleek cuts and monochrome colorways with an eye for the dystopian. Images of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick—who'd been exiled by the NFL because of his criticisms against the ongoing wave of police brutality in black communities—courted the most controversy.

Still, the vignettes are far more engaging than the average shoe-shilling spot. Whether as the creator-star of or as his music-making alter ego Childish Gambino, his aesthetic practice strives to awaken and unnerve (just look to the video for "This Is America", his berserk trap-gospel from last May).

It's always felt countercultural in that sense.


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