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This will allow to encourage self-awareness and personal growth in professional life.I am using Gibbs model (Gibbs 1988) reflective cycle to complete my assignment as I found it clear and precise and enable me to improve my practice.Gaining this experience and having support from others as well as the teacher was something that made me understand how art influence me into being who I am today.

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Reflection is about reviewing an experience by analyzing, describing and evaluating and also understanding of what it means to be a practitioner (Rolfe, 2011).

Continuing professional development (CPD) is very essential in health and social care for high quality patient care.

I have decided to enroll for this course because the health care system is constantly developing and more research evidence emerges and also nurses are taking on more responsibility.

John (2004) suggest that a structured reflection model is important to a practitioner to assess the depth of reflection which is necessary for learning through experience.

Academic development module enable to develop the skills to access information and management from different sources.

This also demonstrate academic thinking and writing, referencing, lifelong learning and reflecting up on it.In some cases, throughout the semester, I have become aware of some of the challenges I had to face along the way that I would never have assumed to have difficulties with this year.One of the challenging projects I have ever encountered had to be my Chuck Close Self-Portrait project.The module also explains the literature search and produce a 3000 word assignment to discuss minimizing risk to patients and clients for future practice.The next stage of Gibbs (1988) model of reflection is about my feelings and thoughts.Out of all the artworks I have done through the second semester, one of the projects I have seen the most improvement on was my free choice project.Seeing how I was able to set up this painting using collage of various materials such as watercolor, paint, and oil pastel, I was able to evoke how I wanted everything to be without even realizing.For example, in my viewfinder project, one of the capabilities I did well one for that project was the ability to blend various colors with color pencils to develop a smooth texture to the creation based on the actual image that was portrayed to.Not only was my blending a great success, but being able to figure out how dark the shading needs to be while create a very obvious focal point was my second ability that I improved on when I was working on my free choice.Although it was sort of easy to create a realistic face similar to the original image, I really figure out what sort of symbol would work for it at all that represents who I am.They kind of throw off the image that I wanted to create and because of that, I’m not entirely happy with my piece.


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