Course In Creative Writing

Other courses require consent, and some may require submission of work for evaluation.

These courses may prioritize students in the major.

This is an introductory course for the aspiring story writer who focuses on the particularities of this literary genre.

Character development, narrative unity, and plot construction are explored by analyzing selected short stories and participating in writing exercises.

Starting with a review of sentence parts, students move to an in-depth explanation of sentence structuring and culminate in a practical review of stylistic conventions in business writing.

Core elements needed for creative writing are covered.Students follow a step-by-step approach to producing a story suitable for publication.The process of submission for publication, as well as the various opportunities for publication, are examined.For more information please contact your Program Coordinator.The Academic Planner provides registered part-time students in the Centre for Continuing and Online Learning (CCOL) the ability to declare into a program of study.Note: Students who have not formally declared the major will not receive priority in consent-based courses.Those interested in the major should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the end of Autumn Quarter of third year.As per policy AA39: Program Progression and Graduation Requirements when students are admitted to a program, they are assigned to the Program of Study that aligns with their start date.If a student takes a break for two or more consecutive terms the Program of Study is reset to align with the current version (when studies are resumed).The tool is available on ACSIS, located under 'Continuing Education' on the left-hand toolbar.Students who wish to apply for PLAR need to demonstrate competency at a post-secondary level in all of the course learning requirements.


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