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Generally, this is widely applied method of counting words for most handwritten compositions/essays.

Generally, this is widely applied method of counting words for most handwritten compositions/essays.

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You pour your heart out to write the perfect college essay.

You've included everything you could possibly think of in your work.

Before you submit your magnificent piece of writing, you enter the essay into a word counter.

And there it is: You've come up short on your word count.

And this number is big because some lines are short and others are long.

But it will have produced the best approximation of your composition.

The number of syllables in a word is calculated based on the vowel pattern in the word.

This number can not be guaranteed 100% accurate because there are many grammar rules and nuances, but it is pretty close.

By using this method, students can be able to estimate the number words easily and keep up with the examination time instead of awkward counting of word after word.

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