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A decision was made to focus on undergraduate education (Ph D programs in English, Law, Economics, and Social Work were eliminated).

Several undergraduate Engineering majors (including civil and environmental engineering) were dropped.

Special intervention fields like psychosis prevention and suicide prevention are to be examined both from the intervention and diagnosis aspects.

Learning outcome, competences knowledge: Compulsory reading list James, R., K.

Images of the crooked “E” sign being removed from Enron’s headquarters in Houston, Jimmy Dunne’s determined face on CNBC when he announced that Sandler O’Neill and Partners would remain in business despite the World Trade Center attacks, and the flooded businesses in the French Quarter of New Orleans have become poignant reminders that powerful events can overwhelm the resources of today’s organizations.

They can cause loss of life, loss of physical assets, loss of employment, loss of revenues, and loss of shareholder equity. The frequency of crises is increasing because organizations operating in domestic and international markets have become interconnected so that negative events affecting one company can have a domino effect on its suppliers, creditors, and distributors; business environments are becoming more and more turbulent; and complex, high-risk technologies that can be potentially harmful, are being used.

It called for a campus wide evacuation in the event of a category 3, 4, or 5 storm.

The plan did not, however, consider the possibility of catastrophic dam-age or the shutting down of facilities for an extended period of time.

The plan called for several senior administrators to stay on campus to ride out the storm. Administrators were stranded for four days without food, utilities, or means of communication.

immediate crisis Responses: Students, who had just arrived on campus to start a new semester, were evacuated ahead of time by buses and cars to a gym at Jackson State University in Mississippi.


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