Constitutional Reform Since 1997 Essay

- The Texas Constitution: A look at the amendment process and constitutional reform in the 1970’s Article Seventeen, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 outlines the process for Constitutional Amendments (THE TEXAS CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 17). In order for a proposed amendment to be considered, it first must be presented during a regular or special session of legislature (54)....

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A large portion of these inflationary costs stem from malpractice lawsuits, and so begins the debate for tort reform: legislation which would cut the costs of health care by reducing the risk of civil litigation and exposure to fraudulent claims (“What”)....Some citizens want to reform the House of Lords, other citizens are not.Perspectively, the House of Lords are very high political people.However, they could be replaced with people with less expertise if they ones were not doing jobs correctly or meeting the needs or standards then should be replaced with someone who can do achieve or meet the standard or people who citizens want.The reason why people want reforming the house is they think lords seems like too old fashioned and anachronistic....Additionally, this seems to be a frequent topic among my family.For instance, my grandpa was in the Korean War and is a huge history buff.He loves following the latest news within our country and keeping up to date.I never really found a lot of interest in politics or the early history behind the formation of our country; however, recently, I have gradually found the importance behind the initial groundwork of America....In the current American way of government elections, the average citizen does not choose the candidate; he or she merely has the opportunity to decipher which best fits his or her beliefs, out of the ones suggested by the large election donors....[tags: Campaign Finance Reform, Super PACs] - The United States, well known for its democracy, holds elections every four years to elect its President.


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