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Desire is mud (2.2, 3.1), a whirlpool (2.2), chains (2.2, 3.1) thorns (2.3), a seething cauldron (3.1), and an open sore that must be scratched (3.1).

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During his Shepard time, he was converted to the Lord and then after 6 years, God gave him a dream to leave Ireland for his “ship awaits”. Patrick travel two hundred miles to where God told him the ship would be and boarded it and set sails back to his homeland in Britain.

Now while among his family, he had another dream, this time a voice spoke to him telling him to return to Ireland.

Nonetheless, it is Augustine's negative views about sexuality that predominate.

In her book Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, the religious scholar Elaine Pagels is critical of Augustine's equation of sex with original sin, identifying Augustine as a source of Western society's negative attitudes about sexuality.

Patrick’s theology also freed him to build a bridge to the Celtic culture by celebrating and emphasizing the aspects of that culture that he found good and righteous.

The key to Patrick’s approach, was his ability to tell the Celtic story better than the Celts could.The bishops felt Patrick’s teams were spending too much time with the pagans and not enough time tending to their own spiritual well being.Patrick quoted Mathew 28, explaining that Jesus had commanded his disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation, baptizing the nations and teaching them to obey everything he had commanded. By the end of Patrick’s approximately 30 years of ministry in Ireland, the Church was blossoming and a previously violent, pagan land was becoming much more peaceful and virtuous.Augustine's sexual impulses were clearly a source of intense emotional pain for him, and this fact alone may account for the emphasis he places on his sexual sins.Throughout the Confessions, the language Augustine uses to describe his sexual impulses is negative, reflecting images of disease, disorder, and corruption.Reader response to this candor has varied over the centuries.Many critics have taken Augustine at his word that he was a libertine.Desire becomes the last obstacle between Augustine and a complete commitment to God, because he is certain he cannot live a celibate life.Augustine was not unique in his negative attitudes toward sexuality. Firstly He was born in Great Britain nearing the end of the fourth century. Patricks story is a quite dramatized one, it speaks about the great things he has passed through. Patrick was one of the first and most influential missionaries to Ireland, bravely entering this superstitious and violent country to bring the healing balm of the gospel.


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