Compare And Contrast Othello Essay

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It is also said that Iago is perhaps the best villain that a character has ever been.

Being that Iago is so intelligent and he know that he has the trust and respect from Othello, being that Othello calls him by the name of "honest Iago," Iago goes right to work in deceiving everyone around him.

Yet another difference between these two types of foods is the cost.

Canned foods are much more expensive than fresh foods.

Canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when stored, and also it has to be tinned with many conservatives and chemical factors that prolong the shelf life and apparent freshness of the food but they could also become toxic if you consumed too often.

For example, you can cook fish ketchup with the freshest taste instead of canned food like tuna with many preservatives.For instance, you can cook big rice porridge with just 40 thousand dong for the whole family.However, you have to pay at least 12 thousand dong to buy small tinned rice porridge.It can be inferred that the fresh foods will have a greater taste and flavor when consumed just because of the time in which they have been prepared.Almost of you concern about how each kind of good influence on our health, so health factor is another difference of this both types of foods we notice. one of which is the contrast between the characters of Othello and Iago.In this essay I am traveling to discourse assorted contrasts between these two characters every bit good as others which are shown in the drama.Almost right away he notices that Cassio and Desdemona (Othello's wife) are very good friends.When the boats are arriving in Cyprus, Iago notices that they are holding hands as they are speaking with each other.which is closely linked with the contrast between Othello and Iago. Lodovicos’s response to this was one of horror which we can see when the exclaimed. we see the contrast in his address from the start of the drama as he begins to mirror Iago’s pick of linguistic communication. he no longer uses heavenly imagery such as depicting his love as `Olympus-high’ . I do believe that the contrast between Othello and Iago is the most of import in the drama as it is the contrast which is most prevailing throughout the drama and can be linked to many other contrasts in the drama such as such as the alterations in behavior between Venice and Cyprus every bit good as the contrast between good and evil and the manipulated vs the operator.There is a big contrast between Othello’s behavior in the ordered universe of Venice compared to the helter-skelter one of Cyprus. respected military general that was extremely regarded by many. and alternatively utilizations words related to the Satan every bit good as carnal imagination for illustration in the phrases “false as hell” and “blood suction flies” . Othello is a shadow of his former ego and is talking in jagged.


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