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The compare and contrast organizational pattern is used in many disciplines or areas of study: – to compare two historical periods, events, or characters It is important that the writer’s main points are easy to follow.Thus, the use of clear signal words indicating whether the writer is addressing a similarity or a difference is an important feature of compare and contrast essays.You can write about more unique and interesting things as well: comparing college systems of the world, the White government and power influence, living at home with parents or in a dormitory, Apple vs Microsoft, Greek and Roman culture, time with family vs a lonely day, etc.

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Rich English men would use face-whitening powder because they believed a pale face was a sign of wealth.During his they were also passionate about the beauty of their face and hair.They used nail polish and frequently dyed their hair blond to make themselves look younger.Therefore, there are three possible ways of writing this paper: Compare and contrast essays are not likely to be personal.Unlike narrative essays, these are academic-oriented papers.Two (sometimes more) subjects are taken for a comparison.The main goal of contrast and compare writing is finding possible connections that can help to identify the subjects or highlight their properties.Keeping their skin healthy was an elaborate procedure that consisted of bathing in wine, applying oils to the skin, and using an egg and honey mask on the face to hide also, the same, equally, just as, like, in addition Use these words at the beginning of a paragraph to transition from the topic of the previous paragraph to a similar or contrasting topic of the new paragraph: One way of expressing politeness …] Politeness is also expressed by the way people speak to each other.A compare and contrast essay is a special type of academic paper.Sometimes, the writer of an expository essay will use more than one pattern of organization in the essay, such as cause and effect and compare and contrast.The choice of organizational pattern depends on the writer’s topic and audience.


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