Compare And Contrast Cats And Dogs Essay

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Many breeds enjoy running and hiking, and will happily trek along on any trip.Just because cats aren't into exercise, doesn't mean they aren't nimble.It’s good to have a cat as a pet because they will kill all the bugs and mice for you.

Many breeds enjoy running and hiking, and will happily trek along on any trip.Just because cats aren't into exercise, doesn't mean they aren't nimble.

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The similarities are innumerable, yet this holds true with the differences as well.

First, we shall discuss the similarities that these two creatures share. Another very obvious difference between dogs and cats is that dogs are bigger than cats.

One of the most obvious similarities between these two animals is that they That means if you go on vacation somewhere, its best to put your dog at a neighbor’s house or kennel. Cats are scared of dogs, and the dogs usually chase the cats away and they get scared off.

As for a cat, they will be fine by themselves hanging out in the house. As I was growing up, my dogs and cats were friendly with each other and got along just fine.

In fact, the difference between dogs and cats may not be as easy to spot as you think.

If you're looking for a workout buddy, a cat may not be your best choice.How many differences between dogs and cats can you spot?They may both be furry (most of the time) but both animals are very different from each other.Dogs, while also very meticulous about grooming, are really only concerned with cleaning a single portion of their anatomy, which shall remain nameless. Dog food, cat food, cats, meat-flavored plastic, grass- the list goes on and on. The cat food you see in commercials that cats seem so fascinated by will often go uneaten for days, until a dog wanders by and inhales it.Another contrast between cats and dogs is in the types of foods they refuse to eat. Most cats would much prefer to forage for their own food, which happens to be whatever they can sink their claws into that's alive and can feel pain.They will spend a large percentage of their waking hours tongue-bathing themselves and picking large clumps of debris out of their fur.Unfortunately, having a luxurious, pristine cat means sopping wet hairballs lurking in unexpected places, like your shoes, for example.They will then torment the poor critter for hours and subsequently devour its entrails on your bathroom floor. Whatever is left uneaten will be consumed by the dog if not promptly disposed of. Cats have lean muscles and will pounce or leap when stalking prey, even if that prey happens to be a fun feather toy you're swaying back and forth on the carpet.Playtime with dogs and cats is also very different.


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