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Kounios If Gandhi was right that we can judge a nation and its progress by its treatment of animals, then we ought to be bowing our heads in shame.

Each year approximately three million dogs and cats are euthanized in America's shelters (ASPCA, 2014). These three million cats and dogs are not highly aggressive or terminally ill; they are puppies and kittens; they are loving, loyal companions who have run out of time or space or luck.

Worrying about preserving our environment is one of the easiest problems that we can fix, and some people, corporations, and businesses are starting to make progress in preserving our environment.

We now have hybrid and battery-powered cars that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of gas our cars consume.

This issue cannot be left only to the government or businesses or anyone else. Before we can come up with a solution for our current worries, society finds more problems to be worried about, and our worries pile up.

It has to be addressed by the community, by anyone and everyone who has ever shared his or her heart and home with a beloved pet. This happens so frequently that we begin to overlook global worries, such as preserving the planet.

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We should worry that we take these animals in and make them completely dependent on us and then cast them aside by the millions when they become an inconvenience, abandoning them to an undeserved fate.

Americans still get fewer than a third of their pets from shelters (ASPCA, 2014).


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