Climate Change Arctic Essay

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As climate change begins to open up untapped areas rich for drilling, these economic conflicts are only exacerbated by the tenacity of geopolitical rights in certain areas.

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Introduction Oil, as a globally valuable natural resource, remains the focus of major international disputes and economic challenges spanning over recent decades.

This has led to considerable tensions between the two main powers in this region, Russia and the United States.

Empirical evidence has been compiled over the last century to give an incredibly clear picture of how climate change is severely affecting the rate of glacial ice melt and permafrost thaw in the Arctic Circle.

Future climate change assessments can be improved with help from the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).

This assessment studies climate change in the Arctic region and brings together the findings of many scientists and the insights of indigenous people.This extra ultraviolet radiation has negative effects for the animals, humans, and plants of the area.Finally, the people of the Arctic will be impacted by factors such as growing populations, urbanization, and self-determination movements.(EIA 2008) The majority of Arctic oil and gas reservoirs have already been discovered, with approximately 61 large oil and gas fields currently located by various geographic agencies.Oil is a crucial resource for almost every nation on earth, as it used for the majority of energy production.(EIA 2008) Western nations especially rely on oil for lifestyle comforts, economic dominance, and global trade power relations.In turn, the rapidity of this ice melt is allowing for access to previously inaccessible oil and gas resources in the Arctic region.It’s been approximated that the Arctic circle contains about 412.16 billion barrels of crude oil and liquid natural gas, with the majority, about 63.4%, located in the Eurasian Arctic.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.You can view samples of our professional work here.Although climate change affects the planet in a negative way, the reduction in sea ice will increase marine transport and facilitate the access to resources.Here is how the people and their environment will be affected by Arctic warming.


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