Choosing A Dissertation Topic

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But as a faculty member, your personal tutor will have experience and knowledge of your academic discipline which you can make use of during the early stages of choosing a dissertation topic.

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Be sure to check if your course has any specific requirements or terms and conditions which restrict the topics or research methods you can choose from.

If you’re stumped for dissertation ideas, consider why you applied for the course in the first place.

It’s their job to use their skills and experience to help you, not to make your life more difficult.

For further information, see our guide for researching and writing postgraduate dissertations or search the different dissertation requirements for individual Masters programmes in the Find AMasters database.

Your supervisor is usually assigned to you by the department once you’ve submitted a dissertation proposal.

They may be your personal tutor or another academic whose expertise aligns with the kind of research you want to conduct.Then, you have to select one narrow topic to spend your life on for the next year or two.Additionally, one of the most common questions that you’ll get after graduation is, “What did you write your dissertation on? Selecting a topic doesn’t have to be stress inducing.If your degree requires you to write a dissertation but you’ve got no idea what to do, then you’ve come to the right place.Let’s start with the basics, and revisit what the dissertation really is.I’m currently in the latter stages of my Masters degree in Sociology, so my dissertation is taking precedence over most things in my life.Dissertations are as fun as they are challenging, but they can also be incredibly demanding if you’re inexperienced or swamped by other deadlines and stuck in a bit of an intellectual rut.or a student pursuing a doctoral degree, selecting a dissertation topic can cause an existential crisis.You spend your entire academic career learning more and more information.In my experience, Sociology spoke to me because I’m really interested in gender dynamics and I saw my dissertation as the perfect vehicle for exploring that topic further.Dissertation topics do not appear from thin air, but their inspiration can come from unexpected sources.


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