Choosing A Dissertation Title

The last major submission of your degree, your dissertation is also expected to prove that you can process complicated information and order it coherently.An added bonus would be for your dissertation to help prepare you for your future career.Make a list of the knowledge and abilities that you will need to do this job.

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You want to find a topic that you find interesting, one that will enable you to do well and demonstrate your academic strengths and will also impress a prospective employer with your interests and abilities.

And, of course, you want to avoid a topic that will lead you down a blind alley or paint you into a corner.

Be sure to check if your course has any specific requirements or terms and conditions which restrict the topics or research methods you can choose from.

If you’re stumped for dissertation ideas, consider why you applied for the course in the first place.

Dissertations are supposed to be a substantial undertaking; they’re designed to test your scholarly mettle and test you on a number of qualities which are attractive to employers, such as a capacity for clearly communicating your ideas.

Part of this involves your ability to: This seems obvious, but the bulk of your dissertation topic will be determined by the subject you’re studying.Your supervisor is usually assigned to you by the department once you’ve submitted a dissertation proposal.They may be your personal tutor or another academic whose expertise aligns with the kind of research you want to conduct.It’s their job to use their skills and experience to help you, not to make your life more difficult.For further information, see our guide for researching and writing postgraduate dissertations or search the different dissertation requirements for individual Masters programmes in the Find AMasters database.If you’ve ever conducted your own research or have written a dissertation before, perhaps during your undergraduate degree, then you’ll know that your work is an indication of your aptitude in certain skills relevant to your course and career path.Obviously, postgraduate dissertations are another level up and you’re expected to think, research and write like the academics you cite in your work.To ensure that both the final dissertation and the skills that you will gain in preparing it will help you in pursuit of your chosen career, begin by identifying the kind of work that you hope to be doing two or three years after graduation.(Almost no one gets their dream job within a year or two of graduating; you still have things to learn – and so you should consider your first job, possibly your first two jobs, as training still.) On one side of a piece of A4 paper, describe this job, its challenges, its demands and its responsibilities as clearly as you can.It doesn’t really make sense to dedicate an entire summer of work to a topic you have no experience or investment in.Think about professional or academic work you’ve done in the past which you particularly enjoyed, and try to identify ways you can put your own twist on it.


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