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When, as very young infants, they reach for and do something with a rattle, they learn to coordinate movements of their hands with what their eyes see. Arnold Gesell, once wrote that 'The mind of man is hand-made.' This statement recognizes the tremendous importance to a young child of having exciting objects to hold and listen to and feel and manipulate.And, as young children struggle to create a desired effect with a toy, they discover that it isn't always easy.In other articles, I expand on each of these functions of play—skill development, social development, and creativity.

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At first adults are their most important playmates, but soon they become eager to interact with children of similar ages.

And it is through such play that they learn how to get along with others: that hitting may get them a desired toy, but lose an equally desired friend; that the other children have wants, just as they do; that sharing and kindnesses bring more rewards than snatching and pushing.

And the child who 'spanks' a doll while saying, 'I don't want you to do that again,' is releasing some of his or her own aggressive impulses via this make-believe route instead of trying to mount a direct attack on another person.

Play provides just such an outlet for young children.

Mom went to work and reminded me to be nice and clean by the time she will come back with the guests.

I stayed with Tony, the older of the boys and suddenly somebody called him and though he was not permitted to leave me alone – he left.

He said he will not be long…it took him forever…I realized that I am alone…

I cannot come out of the house…so I opened the window and thought that I was joking. at that moment I pulled the curtain so strongly that I fell on the floor.. Desperate to escape and knowing that I will be punished for destroying the curtain that was not even ours….

Play is the crucible in which imagination and creativity can be cultivated and expressed.

The child who pretends to be a cowboy, a mother, a fairy, a firefighter is demonstrating some knowledge of these roles and is working through his or her own ideas about all that they entail.


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