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Now, as then, you have to pay for the public life."And one other observation full of a Charles Moore-esque common sense: "If all Western and Eastern thought that has accumulated since the dawn of time were compiled in one gargantuan, thick tome, I'd probably still be most convinced by the wisdom championed in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Charles Hilary Moore (born 31 October 1956) is an English journalist and a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator and The Sunday Telegraph; he still writes for the first two.

In each city he set up a small practice, often staffed by students, and most of these offices continued long after he had moved on.

He was the founding guru, and he left behind a whole network of small ones.

It is a striking paradox that an architect who has written so eloquently about the symbolic importance of houses had so much trouble staying at home.

It's not that he didn't have a good house to go to: over the years he had several, having built one in every city in which he settled, and each of these places, filled with toylike objects brought back from his travels, was a sort of summary of his architectural priorities, a "choreography of the familiar and the surprising," as he liked to define architecture.A teacher of unusual warmth and grace, he had headed two architectural schools, at the University of California at Berkeley and Yale, and had taught for years at the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Texas.In 1991 he won the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects, its highest honor.Two years after joining The Spectator as a political columnist, he became the magazine's editor in 1984, remaining there until 1990. Following The Spectator, he edited The Sunday Telegraph from 1992 to 1995.Moore co-edited A Tory Seer: The Selected Journalism of T. Near the start of this period, around the time of the publication of the Andrew Morton book, Diana: Her True Story, he appeared on Newsnight to discuss the marital difficulties of the Prince and Princess of Wales.Instead, single-handed, it is engaged in replacing many of those elements of the public realm which have vanished in the featureless private floating world of Southern California, whose only edge is the ocean and whose center is otherwise undiscoverable.Curiously, for a public place, Disneyland is not free. But then, Versailles cost somebody a lot of money, too.Moore, who died last month at 68, was our age's greatest architectural enthusiast.He believed utterly in the power of architecture to reflect and enhance joy, and he communicated his feelings with such power that he became something of a pied piper of post-modernism.Or the Beverly Hills Civic Center, a gentle, knowing play on the Spanish Colonial architecture of Southern California, made urbane?Or the museums at Dartmouth and Williams Colleges, where new, rhythmic forms of brick and stone and glass danced subtly between older buildings?


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