Cell Phones Essay

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Since 80’s a cell phone have changed a lot, becoming more than just a phone.

These gadgets connect people through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

First of all, cell phones are ruining the social life of people. People have forgotten how to interact with each other.

Before that, individuals went out to see each other, and to talk to each other, but now if you look around you’ll see that everyone is checking on his cellphone.

The worse part of this activity is that when you’re texting or checking you’re Facebook account, you can’t hear what teacher says.

I guess the student could be considered absent from that class.Some of them try to find the information surfing the internet, and others have the answers in their cellphones saved in text format.I studied a few years in college in Romania, and I learned that students get very creative developing methods in cheating.Nowadays everyone has a cellphone, and even a toddler know how to use it.Because of that, cellphones have affected many areas in our lives, for some effects are truly negative, and the others have a positive effect on our lives.People will realize that a real person is better than a cell phone.Another negative effect of cell phones is on education. Cell phone industry is booming recently affecting many areas in our lives. Not so long time ago a cell phone was a sign of prosperity and wellbeing, but these days we have a different scene.Parents also appreciate the effect of cellphones on their families.If you’re children are late from school or from a party, you can always call and check if they’re fine, and where they are.


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