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Cognitive therapy is designed to help you recognize your negative thinking and discover healthier thinking patterns. There is some overlap among them, and sometimes a thought can involve more than one type of negative thinking. If you see important people in your life using negative thinking, it will start to seem normal. By then, negative thinking feels like just part of who you are.

It is a step-by-step method for identifying your negative thinking and replacing it with healthier thinking. Numerous studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective for treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and life’s many challenges.[1, 2] Negative thinking is thinking that leads to negative consequences.The basic idea of cognitive behavioral therapy is that your thinking determines your quality of life.If you change your thinking, you will improve your life.If you think that you are broken, unfixable, or unlikeable, this negative self-labelling can lead to depression.You are trapped by your own unrealistic view of yourself.If you dwell on your worries or fears, you will eventually feel overwhelmed.If you hold on to disappointments or resentments, you will sap the joy out of life.Here is an online pdf version of a CBT worksheet (thought record template) and a webpage version that you can print without restrictions. This will help you remember the situation later if you review your notes. Behavioral therapy is sometimes used initially with individuals who are too anxious or too depressed to even acknowledge that their thinking is part of the problem.Behavioral therapy encourages you to try simple tasks, and as you succeed, you gradually improve your belief in yourself.CBT worksheets (thought records) help you find healthier ways of interpreting the facts. This was probably a subconscious or automatic thought that you have had before. (This step is optional because after you have done it a few times, the same types of negative thinking will keep coming up.) 6. When did you first have initial thoughts like this? Cognitive therapy changes your brain pathways and has a more permanent effect on your thinking and behavior.[8, 9] A review of recent variants of cognitive behavioral therapy, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, acceptance therapy, and commitment therapy, has shown that they are no more effective than CBT, and that they work through the same underlying mechanisms.[10] The principles of cognitive behavioral therapy are so sound that it can be used effectively in a number of settings.You couldn’t see these alternative ways before, because they disagreed with your childhood beliefs. Once you realize that you can change it and get into the habit of challenging your thinking, you will begin to change your life. Briefly describe the situation that led to your unpleasant feelings. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be effective when delivered in primary care, via computer, and through internet-based self-help programs.[11] CBT is really two forms of therapy: cognitive and behavioral therapy.


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