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Research Paper Throughout the course students will be working to prepare a 1,500 word research paper.To create a research paper the student is expected to create a topic of his or her choosing, research that topic using ONLY scholarly sources, and report his or her findings using appropriate grammar and format.Montresor lures his victim by a promise to taste his wine, Amontillado, a type of fortified wine which he claims to be held in his house.

Use conventions of standard written English (appropriate diction, no omitted words, grammar, punctuation, spelling). Please be certain that your treatment of your topic is complete, thoughtful, and well-researched.

The topic of the research paper can be any of the subjects covered over the course of the lecture series.

As always please send me your ideas as they occur to you and we will work on gettin the research paper together.

Your paper should Contain an introduction paragraph which 1) introduces the audience to the issue being addressed, 2) identifies clearly the writer's claim, 3) examines why this information is important to the specified audience, 4) announces the organization of the paper.

REMEMBER: Be connected to your topic—you should pursue a topic that interests you and perhaps fits in with other studies you are engaged in. Spend your effort working to prove your argument based thesis. This includes quotes, paraphrases, and summaries you add to the paper.

DO NOT waste time summarizing if it is not needed to further your argument. Make sure your paragraphs are fully developed and have topic sentences and concluding sentences. Name: Institution: Date: The Cask of Amontillado The Cask of Amontillado is a short story of suspense authored by Edgar Allan a premeditated plan which he executes perfectly, he lures him into his home, down through the vaults and chains him there where he dies.Montresor plots to kill his friend in his house for what he terms as the thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could (Poe 1).Offer a thesis statement in the form of an argument.Offer academic sources to support the thesis statement.The research project and paper is an effort to further investigate a key element of our study.The paper should make use of either empirical or secondary data wherever possible to enhance the analysis.Include evidence of scholarly research such as peer-reviewed academic articles: Maintain focus on the paper's thesis throughout.Organize the material presented in a consistent, rational manner.Listed below are few “seed ideas” for students that have difficulty getting started. Be certain your research paper contains all of the following elements: (1) sound argumentation techniques(2) coherent source synthesis(3) correctly formatted MLA-style parenthetical citations (4) standard grammatical usage The research project and paper is an effort to further investigate a key element of our study.Students are expected to follow Modern Language Association writing style.


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