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gives the students a way to think about skills important in the workplace using the Scans competencies described in the text.

It is located at the end of the chapter in the printed edition and integrated into the online edition.

This interview can be used as a source of information for a career paper or can be used as an extra credit assignment. If your class is large, you may have more than one panel. Sample interview questions are provided in the text.

Ask students to turn in a list of questions asked with brief answers and a copy of the thank you note. Have a receptionist who welcomes students to the interview and stress the importance of making a good first impression with the receptionist.

It is OK with me if you merely delete the information and add your own using the same format.

You will need a college catalog to complete the Key Related Courses category.The class provides feedback first on what is good about the interview and then suggestions for improvement.Encourage students to come to class dressed appropriately for the interview.If students are inventing a resume, have them research courses they will take in order to include some of these skills on the resume.Inventing the perfect resume helps students to think about the future as well as learning resume skills.Students may be able to do a complete a more comprehensive plan if they schedule ahead and make an appointment during non-peak times between registration periods.It is difficult to complete an educational plan during busy times.You can schedule your appointment by calling ______.Counseling is open late Monday and Thursday evenings until pm and I work late on Thursdays.I would like to meet you and discuss your future plans.Please note that I have 70 students in my online class, so I may not be able to meet with all of you.


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