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C Problem Solving Questions-86
A string is one of the most popular data structure, probably next to the array and that's why you will find at least one question from String in any programming job interview.

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(solution) Write an efficient Java/C/Python program to return the maximum occurring character in the input string e.g., if the input string is "Java" then the function should return 'a'.

2) How to remove all duplicates from a given string?

But, in Java, String is an object, which holds data in character array.

This means you can solve many String based problem by assuming it as a character array.

Here are 21 most frequently asked String based questions from a Programming job interview.

These questions are not based on theoretical concept e.g.The second or further occurrence of duplicate should be removed.3) How to print the duplicate characters from the given String?Since coding and problem solving is an important part of any programming job interview, it's imperative that you know how to solve them in time and on pressure situation, which comes only after doing practice with a right set of questions.Since these questions are already tried and tested and appeared in many interviews, they will provide you the experience you need to crack your coding interview.For example, if the input is "Java is best" then your program should print "best is Java". 11) How to find the smallest substring in a given string containing all characters of another string?(solution) Write an efficient function in C/C or Java to print the smallest substring in a given String containing all characters of another String.For example, if given String is "this is a test string" and 12) How to check if two given String is the anagram of each other?(solution) Write an efficient program in Java/C/C to check if two String is an anagram of each other.I have also provided the links to solutions for most of the questions so that you can quickly check your answer and code.Remember, it's not just important to solve the problem but also to understand the solution and improve it gradually.


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