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From startups to established corporations, business plans lay the framework for a company's vision and its financial future.Drafting a business plan is a crucial step in the growth of any business.

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The value of a business plan has been ais widely debated topic, as some companies have achieved success without laying out a firm framework laid out.

Whether your business needs a business plan depends largely on your short-term goals as a company.

Depth of service – Software and services canmay offer features for creating your plan.

Services, for example, offer rush jobs, printing, design services and even sample plans for you to review before deciding whether to hire the company.

Go Business Plans, for example, charges $1,500 for plan writing and $150- to $300 for review.

The first big decision to consider is whether you want to draft your own plan or you outsource it to a third-party service.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each, so consider the following when thinking about what's best for your business.

Time – Depending on how quickly you need your business plan, different services offer different turnaround times. The time it takes for revisions to be returned is important as well.

Business Continuity Plan cover page, legal text, and document style conventions Table of Contents Introduction, scope, and definitions Response checklist Communication Plan chapter Risk Assessment chapter Business Continuity Plan cover page, legal text, and document history Project overview and table of contents Cover page of the red theme for the Business Continuity Plan template Chapter 1, Introduction Chapter 2, Management Approach Chapter 3, Risk Assessment Chapter 4, Contingency Strategy Chapter 5.1, Disaster Recovery Tasks Chapter 7, Communication Plan Chapter 8, Testing Business Impact Analysis Damage Assessment Report – MS Word template Disaster Recovery Matrix spreadsheet Hardware inventory excel spreadsheet with Count of Results chart Hardware Inventory spreadsheet Inspection Report spreadsheets Responsibility Matrix Recovery Tests Desktop Inventory System Profiles spreadsheet with Critical column for sorting low, medium and high runs Recovery Tasks spreadsheet Risk Assessment spreadsheet with Low, Medium, High categories Communication Schedule 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Applicability 1.3 Scope 1.4 Critical Business Functions 1.5 Planning Principles 1.6 Assumptions 1.7 Prerequisites 1.8 Backup Site 1.9 Alternative Back-up Sites 2 Management Approach 2.1 Policy 2.2 Governance and Accountability 2.3 Business Continuity Contacts 2.4 Vendor Contacts 2.5 Roles & Responsibilities 3 Risk Assessment 3.1 Deliberate Disruption 3.2 Environmental Disasters 3.3 Services 3.4 Systems 3.5 Security 3.6 Other Potential Scenarios 4 Contingency Strategy 4.1 Backup and Recovery Strategies 4.1.1 Objectives 4.2 System Description 4.2.1 Recovery Response Time 4.2.2 Single Points of Failure 4.2.3 Latency 4.2.4 System Redundancy 4.2.5 Data Integrity 4.2.6 Business Costs during Downtime 4.2.7 Backup Procedures 4.2.8 Data Restore Procedures 4.2.9 Maintaining Log Files 4.2.10 Fail Over Procedure 4.2.11 Recovery Steps 4.2.12 Restoring Service 4.2.13 Hot Stand By 4.2.14 Spare Systems 4.2.15 Data Recovery 4.3 Backup Site 4.3.1 Office space Work space Meeting space Storage space Safe 4.3.2 Office equipment Telephone Fax E-mail Mail, courier, and messenger services Stationery, photocopying, and other facilities 4.3.3 Computer equipment Personal Computers Printer Non-Recovery Departments and Personnel 4.4 Returning to Normal Operations 4.4.1 Original Site Restoration 4.4.2 Concurrent processing 4.4.3 Plan deactivation 5 Disaster Recovery Procedures 5.1 Disaster Recovery Task #1 5.2 Disaster Recovery Task #2 6 Notification & Activation Procedures 6.1 Criteria for activating the Disaster Recovery Plan 6.2 Procedure for activating the Disaster Recovery Plan 6.2.1 Decision to Invoke the Disaster Recovery Plan 6.2.2 Invoking the Disaster Recovery Site 6.2.3 Contacting the Third Party Recovery Team 6.2.4 Contacting the Operations Managers 6.2.5 Contacting the Operations Team 6.2.6 Contacting the Human Resources Manager 6.2.7 Contacting Remote Users 6.2.8 Activating the Communications Plan 6.2.9 Moving to the Backup Site 6.2.10 Getting Setup on the Backup Site 6.3 Damage Assessment Procedure 6.4 Response Checklist 6.5 Follow-Up Checklist 7 Communications Plan 7.1 Communications Schedule 7.2 Message to Employees 7.3 Message to Clients 8 Testing 8.1 Testing Approaches 8.2 Testing Tasks 8.3 Testing Schedule 9 Training 9.1 Scope 9.2 Training Requirements 9.3 Audience 9.4 Roles and Responsibilities 9.5 Training Evaluation 9.6 Delivery Method 9.7 Materials 9.8 Duration 9.9 Size 9.10 Facilities 9.11 Instructor Evaluation 9.12 Updates 9.13 Staffing 10 Maintenance 10.1 Maintenance Activities 10.2 Configuration Management 10.3 Risk Assessment 10.4 Testing 10.5 System Protection 10.6 Maintenance Reports 10.7 Documentation 10.8 Quality Assurance Activities 11 Appendices The templates are in Microsoft Word and Excel and can be downloaded online for only .95. Email us the receipt number you received from e Junkie and we’ll send you another copy. If you have any problem downloading the templates, send me the order number and I will get back to you.

The template pack includes the following documents: File Format: The templates are in Microsoft Word (.docx) and Excel format (.xlsx). Opening the Files: You don’t need any special software to unzip the files. Please allow 12 hours for a response as our time zone may be different than yours.


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