Business Plan In Agriculture

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If you are not marketing a commodity, it is important to identify what sets your products or services apart from your competitors and to clearly identify the size of the market you intend to be selling into.Your banker will want to know that your sales forecasts are realistic and so should you. Human Resources Personnel management can sometimes be overlooked on a small farm or ranch operation.For livestock operations, an inventory of animals would be included here.

Provide brief information on the key products or services producing revenue, the qualifications of the people involved in the operation, the land resources and any competitive edge built up over the years.

Follow this summary with a mission statement for your operation that captures why you are in the farming or ranching business. Farmers and ranchers rely on the land to make a living.

However, getting started on it can seem like a daunting task.

While there is business planning software out there, much of it isn’t well suited for putting together a complete farm or ranch business plan and starting with a blank sheet of paper can be intimidating.

It lets your lender know you have a plan to succeed, which opens up your access to capital.

Business Plan In Agriculture

It also helps you organize your thoughts, clarifying the goals and objectives you wish to achieve.

Farmers may want to describe their cropping rotations on various properties and why they use them.

Land monitoring practices and plans for mitigating soil erosion or noxious weeds are among the many important elements that can be added to this section over time.

Having pages of this section readily available to print out and show potential landlords or new employees is a great resource for those communications. Equipment and Animal Management Equipment resources and animal resources are the tools that turn land resources into profits.

This section should provide an inventory of equipment resources along with a general overview of maintenance plans and replacement decisions.


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